What risks and vulnerabilities?

Business Continuance Planning Ltd (BCPL) services help all types of organisations to become more resilient against business-disruptive events and incidents.

How well would your organisation respond and recover from …

    • Earthquake or storm
      you and your community are seriously disrupted?
    • Fire
      you lose your premises and/or contents?
    • Pandemic
      half your staff are absent for weeks?
    • Cable fault
      you have no power, no phones, no broadband, and no email?
    • Careless neighbour
      you have flooding from upstairs, or a neighbouring hazard?
    • IT outage
      your screens go blank?
    • Industrial action
      your work force is disrupted or distracted?
    • Contractual breach
      you lose key customers or suppliers?
    • Market competition
      you are unprepared for aggressive competitors?

And not all disruptive situations are so clear-cut. Less obvious crises can be just as damaging, e.g. your IP is stolen, a key staff member is suddenly unvailable for work, failure of a critical supply-chain or vital equipment, or loss of access to premises from police cordon, gas leak or infrastructure disruption.

How prepared do you need to be?

BCPL can provide you with pragmatic planning components suitably tailored to the type, size and maturity of your organisation, and to the criticality of your business functions, services and products.

Various planning components contribute to sustained business outcomes for the overall success of your organization. But whether your current focus is on one or many of these components, they are individually limited in their effectiveness when they stand alone. With BCPL's help, relevant components can be effectively linked for the greater resilience of your organization. See Our Services page