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Contact Business Continuance Planning Ltd (BCPL) now to explore how our consultant services can strengthen your current business practices to develop, review, rejuvenate or maintain your:

Business Continuity Planning

Operational Business Continuity planning (BCP) inclusive of contingency/work-around procedures, for timely continuity of business functions, services and production.

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis management planning (CMP) for overall response leadership and resourcing, media communications, and recovery strategy.

Emergency Management Planning

Emergency management planning (EMP) procedures to safeguard from physical danger to people & assets.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning (DRP) for technical continuity, e.g. for Information and Communications Technology (ICT), production machinery, etc.

Our proven methodologies can establish, rejuvenate and strengthen:
    • Your business continuity management (BCM) programme, policy, strategy and tactics.

    • Engagement of your management and key staff for their active preparedness.

    • Your risk management practices (risk identification, business impact analysis etc).

    • Your facilities management procedures for response to premises-related disruptions.

    • Your supply chain resilience.

    • Your HR preparedness for fatality, trauma, injury, welfare, wellbeing and other support to employees and key contractors.

    • Your security (for ICT and other).

    • Your quality management procedures.

    • Your financial management (e.g. cash-flow, special reporting, 3rd party support etc.).

    • Your planning documentation with pragmatic content.

    • In-house and key 3rd party promotion of your plans to raise awareness of expectations.

    • Your training, exercising/testing and other planning maintenance, for continuous improvement.

To review your existing level of preparedness we can:
    • Provide independent, expert evaluation and review of your plans and arrangements.

    • Arrange independent assessment of your insurance portfolio for appropriate match with your business continuity planning.